Temperatures soar, sea levels rise and glaciers recede, yet many of our nation’s most influential political figures oppose taking any action whatsoever.

97% of climate scientists agree climate change is real and man-made.

NASA, the Department of Defense and even most major corporations have accepted climate change as a reality.

The evidence that this is a crisis grows more undeniable by the day.

About the project

To highlight the absurdity of doing nothing in the face of catastrophic climate change, we created a line of Climate Inaction Figures – toy-inspired likenesses of prominent public figures who claim, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that there is no reason to act.

Climate Inaction Figures was the brainchild of creative directors Cabot Norton and Arturo Aranda. But it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Joel Bach and David Gelber of the Years Project. Their work on this issue – most notably with the Emmy-winning documentary series Years of Living Dangerously – has been groundbreaking. And their emphasis on identifying solutions and encouraging meaningful action is the perfect counter to the do-nothing nihilism of the climate inaction crowd.  Please check out theclimatesolution.com to learn more about their efforts and what we can do to make a difference.

A team of incredibly talented people worked with Cabot and Arturo to bring Climate Inaction Figures to life. The entire physical fabrication process was conducted by artist Nao Matsumoto, based in Ridgewood, NY. Matsumoto also oversaw an amazing team of digital designers, including New Zealand-based Chris Williamson who created mind-blowing 3D renders. Ninja von Oertzen created the overall brand look and designed the logo and packaging. Brian Lazzaro directed the commercial in parternership with Tacklebox Films. Beast Editorial and Method Studios provided post support (a big shout-out to our editor, Eddie Kesler). Pull Music provided music and sound design. Tractor and Relish, working closely with web designer Mike Sheppard, built the site. And a number of other amazing people gave generously of their time and talents, most especially producer-extraordinaire Kevin Wilson. John Kuntzczh of Brooklyn Model Works generously volunteered the use of his studio. A big shout-out to our one woman PR army, Vivian Doan, none of you would know about any of this if it wasn’t for her.  And thanks to Darren Moran, Jeff Greenspan, Andrew Tider and Gene Na for their input and support.